TV production - Weekly TV interview for Radio Free Europe

Duration: 2006-

Donor: TV production - Weekly TV interview for Radio Free Europe

Description: MIM is working on the production part and organizes the airing of the TV interview for RFE on one national and 10 local TV stations. The interviews are made with top politicians, businessman, political, economic /other experts.

#ReForMedia – Enhancing the cooperation between the civil society, institutions and citizens for implementing reforms in the media sphere

Duration: 2016-2018

Donor: European Union

Description: The project wants to contribute in increasing the influence of civil society in development and implementation of media reforms in the country. Financial support for the project is provided by the European Union. Activities will involve representatives of various stakeholders in the media sphere, such as journalists, editors, media owners and other media professionals, parliament, government, regulatory bodies, self-regulatory bodies and representatives of civil society. Its foreseen the stakeholders to work together on development of the public policies for improvement of legal and institutional environment that will enable free and professional media. In this regard, various researches will be conducted and debates on relevant media topics will be organized. Additionally, small grants to civil society organizations implementing actions to strengthen media integrity will be provided.

Journalism Award “Nikola Mladenov” - For Best Investigative Story of the Year

Duration: 2011 -

Donor: МИМ


Macedonian Institute for Media, starting from 2001 every year is giving awards for the Best Investigative Story of the Year. This traditional award is most prestigious award in the Macedonian media community.

Reporting about civil society and its impact in achieving societal changes

Duration: 2016-2017

Donor: CIVICA Mobilitas

Description: The overall objective of this proposal is to promote and improve the quality of investigative journalism in Macedonia on topics related to civil society. The specific objective of the project-proposal is to produce and publish quality investigative stories referring to the functioning of civil society in general, the CIVICA Mobilitas program and its grantees.