Civil society, institutions and citizens - together in enhancing media reforms

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MIM in partnership with the Peace Institute from Ljubljana, Slovenia, in the next three years (2016-2018), will implement the project “#ReForMedia – Enhancing the cooperation between the civil society, institutions and citizens for implementing reforms in the media sphere”. The project wants to contribute in increasing the influence of civil society in development and implementation of media reforms in the country. Financial support for the project is provided by the European Union.

Activities will involve representatives of various stakeholders in the media sphere, such as journalists, editors, media owners and other media professionals, parliament, government, regulatory bodies, self-regulatory bodies and representatives of civil society. Its foreseen the stakeholders to work together on development of the public policies for improvement of legal and institutional environment that will enable free and professional media. In this regard, various researches will be conducted and debates on relevant media topics will be organized. Additionally, small grants to civil society organizations implementing actions to strengthen media integrity will be provided.

The project envisages close cooperation with national TV 24 Vesti and radio network Kanal 77, which will broadcast media campaign through which citizens will be educated how to distinguish facts from comments and propaganda from journalism. The intent of this activity is to improve media literacy in the country, and encourage citizens to seek for high quality journalism and receive reliable information through the media.

All these activities should contribute to establishing a dialogue between the key actors in the media sphere, strengthening the influence of CSOs in defining public policies, and enhancing capacities of CSOs to advocate for certain pressing issues that are extremely important for media integrity in the country. All project information will be available on the website of MIM (, as well as social networks - Twitter (#ReForMediaMKD), Facebook (ReForMediaMKD) and YouTube (ReForMediaMKD).

euThe Project“#ReForMedia – CSOs, Institutions and Citizens Reforming Media” is supported by the European Union.