Civil Sector as an Effective Communicator - Strategic Performance and Influence Techniques

Civil society organizations are influential actors in creating awareness for wide range of issues related to social development and play very important role in the society.

In implementing their activities, they address different target groups, trying at the same time to maintain their own visibility, transparency, responsibility and growth within the wider societal context. Above all, they are expected to act in a way that involves monitoring and protecting the public interest, and in doing that, planning their communications strategically is of great importance.

With an aim to help CSO’s strengthen their knowledge and skills, as well as to improve their visibility in public, Macedonian Institute for Media (MIM) prepared the Manual "Civil Sector as an Effective Communicator - Strategic Performance and Influence Techniques", which is now available on-line in Macedonian language here.

The Manual offers practical knowledge and tools that will make easier and more efficient for CSOs to "tell their story" to relevant target groups and prepare an effective communications plan, including appropriate identification of target groups, the messages to be sent, as well as the application of  appropriate communication tools and techniques, which includes both traditional and social media.

This  publication is produced in the frames of the project “News and Digital Literacy – Where Fake News Fails” implemented by Macedonian Institute for Media in partnership with the Institute for Communication Studies, the Independent Trade Union of Journalists and Media Workers and the Media Diversity Institute – London, with financial assistance from the European Union.